St. Boniface Catholic Church

Acts of the Apostles

Growing our Community

There is no better way to grow our faith community than to study the scriptures together as a community. We have designed activities that will allow you to learn more about the Bible and how it applies to your life. We will begin our study with the Acts of the Apostles.

Our studies will allow you to study on your own, or join a group occasionally for some deeper discussion. We have designed our offerings to make it easy for you to find a program or resource that fits your comfort level of studying the Bible.

We will end our study with a glorious celebration on June 5th—the Feast of Pentecost and the Feast of St. Boniface. More information will be coming but please plan on joining our whole church community at 2 pm on Hillary Field on June 5th.

A Study of the Acts of the Apostles

Experience 1

Reading the Acts of the Apostles

An Activity for all parishioners

A 50 day reading plan

Join us for about 5 minutes a day as we read the Acts of the Apostles. Download your daily reading plan and begin your practice. (If you do not have a Bible  go to USCCB Bible Acts of the Apostles)

Acts of the Apostle Reading Plan (50 Days)

A place for our church community to discuss the Bible Study and what we have learned:

St. Boniface Bible Study on Facebook

Experience 2

Presentation Series

All Adults

 Brad---Selling Jesus

Father---Acts: A Role Model of the Church

Father Daniel

Experience 3

Video Series



Acts of the Apostles on Formed