St. Boniface Catholic Church

Heart of Jesus Prayer Group

Vision: “Through the Heart of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, we are called to experience the Father’s love, grace and mercy through
one another and to hear and respond to this call, to a deeper and continual conversion in our Catholic Faith.” He that is of merry heart hath continual feast. Prov 15:15

We are the Heart of Jesus Prayer Group. We are part of the Arkansas Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services. We are a Diocesan Prayer Group
who have a loving home in St. Boniface Parish. We hold The Crucifix high as our symbol. The vertical beam between heaven and earth are the love, graces, mercy and gifts given to us. The horizontal beam is our use of the love, graces, mercy and gifts. Through intercession we build our Diocese, community, and one another. Just as the Crucifix is the beginning of Our Lady’s Rosary, we also have a rosary ministry.

We meet most Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm in the Parish Hall. We welcome all to join us. Contact us on the web at or
call Phylis Weisenfels 479-650-0870 or Bob Mersberger 479-785-4541.